Eddie Lee

Founder and CEO

E Eddie is the Executive Partner and founder of First Financial Controller. He held a senior financial position for many years at Acer Group. During his engagement, Eddie implemented special projects for Acer, which helped Acer build functional excellence and accelerate growth.

Eddie proved the effectiveness of his leadership with extensive experience in cities across the globe including Toronto, Winnipeg, London, Zurich, Milan, Paris, San Jose, Barcelona, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Taipei, Beijing and Shanghai.

More recently, Eddie worked with one of Canada’s largest women’s fashion companies, to help it grow and reduce costs. Over a four-year period, he successfully provided financial management and analysis to drive business performance growth and continuous improvement.

Eddie started his financial career in Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group in 1981. In 1986, he joined a pioneering firm to establish five world-class restaurants in the Shenzhen International Trade Business Centre.

Helping startups is Eddie's career passion. He has provided free mentoring and support to strengthen their business strategies and re-shape their financial structure. With his past venture and business accelerator experience, Eddie has the skills and enthusiasm to help your business.

Eddie pursued his first degree in finance and administration in Hong Kong, where he also subsequently took his MBA. Eddie also obtained an EMBA in Supply Chain from the ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

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